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You’re A Good Mother

Mama, I’m looking at you.

The Mama who thinks she’s not good enough even though she tries so hard, to the point of exhaustion, every single day.

The Mama who gets up before everyone else in her house to get ready for work, get breakfast on the table, backpacks packed, and lunches loaded in the car.

The Mama who is working on herself mentally wise. Going to doctors appointments to get on the right medications, going to therapy, taking time to meditate and be there for your kids is hard work.

The Mama who is doing it all by herself with no outside help and is doing a great job being a single parent.

The Mama who runs her own business and is trying to find time to balance business affairs, being a mom, and finding time for herself.

The Mama who stays home all day with the kids and does laundry, cleans 162836 messes, teaches her kids things, reads books, and makes so much food and snacks she doesn’t know how she can do it another day, but she does.

The Mama who feels like pulling her hair out because this motherhood thing is so hard and not how she imagined it would be.

The Mama who just became a Mama, and is so tired because we all know that newborn stage is rough.

The Mama who doesn’t know whether to feed her kids organic everything and just decides to say whatever and goes through the drive thru to get a kids meal for lunch.

The Mama who doesn’t sleep ever because anxiety keeps her up all night long and her fears are very real and very consuming.

The Mama who is dealing with postpartum depression and doesn’t know how she will keep going but she does anyways.

The Mama who has very strong willed children who seem like they don’t listen to what she says and she’s had enough of it.

The Mama who is enough through all the ups, downs, bad days, good days, sad days, happy days..any day.

Mama, this is for you.


Motherhood is rough. Motherhood is tough. But you Mama, you got this.

You’re a good mom if you breastfed or formula fed.

You’re a good mom if you decided that medication was the right step to take for your postpartum depression and anxiety. You’re a good mom if you go to therapy. You’re a good mom if you work or if you stay home. You’re a good mom if you feed your kids organic or Mac n cheese. You’re a good mom if you allow screen time or if you don’t. You’re a good mom if your kids wear the latest clothes or they wear all hand me downs. You’re a good mom if you take a break to take care of yourself. You’re a good mom no matter what.

Motherhood is a battle day in and out. We’re always having to prove our worth, prove our motherhood, and make the world judge us a little less. In reality the only people we need to make happy are our tiny humans we created; and even then making them happy is a battle-yes I’m looking at you my tiny monster of a three year old.

Motherhood is worth it though. Through everything motherhood is worth it.

Now I need you to say this to yourself really loud “I’m a good mother” and I need you to believe it.

Good mother’s come in all different forms, and each of us are working our butts off mentally, emotionally, and physically to be the best at this motherhood gig. Keep slaying and breaking the mold, mama. You’re the best there is.


**You can purchase this Good Mother tee from to support mothers in need by raising awareness for maternal mental heath which is SO important right now! Every purchase Mom Culture and Motherhood Understood are donating $5 to 2020 Mom Inc. to support The Blue Dot Project. Go get yourself one of these!**


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