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Stay At Home Mom Life

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

Stay at home mom life is crazy sometimes I think we all can agree on that. Being home with your kids all the time can sometimes make you go a tad crazy. But this life is so much more then everyone thinks it is.

Stay at home mom life is real life, 24/7, 365 days a year with NO BREAK EVER, work.

Guys, I get poked in the eyeball most days at 6:36 am by the cutest three year old ever telling me to wake up and that she's ready to ok girl. Someday's she rubs my face and says "mommy I awake" and sweetly cuddles me and I feel like I won the lottery on those rare days.

Stay at home mom life consists of making 1756943687543937835863867583 meals and snacks in a day...and if you think I'm joking you should go intern for a stay at home mom and let me know how that day of making food went for you.

Then there's the laundry. SO MUCH LAUNDRY. It's seriously never-ending.

Then the cleaning. Disinfecting surfaces where little hands touch all the time.

Then the dishes. Can Someone send me an oversized dishwasher please?

Then making more food.

Picking up toys, cleaning boo boos, telling stories, reading books, teaching 123's and ABC's, going grocery shopping (thanks Shipt for delivering somedays to me, y'all the real MVP's), putting little kids to bed who obviously are not tired, not eating enough in the day because your food gets taken by your kids, feeling like you've accomplished nothing most days because its the same thing day in and out, and so much more.

Someday's my husband comes home to a house that has two toddlers screaming and a wife who seems crazy, and he just looks at me like "what in the world did I just walk into?" I'm really sorry about these days, hubs!

This life is hard work somedays.

I think today I've sang 'hush little baby" more times then I can count and we've ate two lunches and have had 120 snacks, but this life is worth it.

I don't sleep a lot anymore.

I cry at random things involving my kids.

I have anxiety about the future because of my kids.

I yell sometimes too.

I live off of coffee in the mornings and occasionally a glass of wine at night.

And even though this life is nonstop every single day of the year I'm so happy that this is my life.

I love the random dance parties I get to have every day with my daughters.

I love going to Target and seeing my three year olds face light up and her saying "hi Target I'm back" when we pull into the parking lot. (I also realize how this looks and yes, if you're wondering Target is her favorite store.)

I love the good days, the bad days, and the ugly days.

I love the cleaning, the making of food, the laundry (this is a joke hahahaha), the dishes, and everything in between because that means I'm doing what my heart is telling me to do.

But what I especially love about being a stay at home mom is the constant love I get from my daughters. The hugs out of nowhere, the kisses, the telling of stories, the 100000 mommy's and mama's I hear everyday...I just love being around them.

So stay at home mom it easy? No. But is it worth it? 90% of the time yes, the other 10% I'm pretty sure you'll find me hiding in the pantry sneaking snacks I don't want to share.

I mean what other job do you get to wear a tiara and hold a wand while cooking dinner and singing The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song? I’ll give you a second to think on this.


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