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Season of Waiting

Being a military wife requires so much patience. Which is something I really do not have. I’m a work in progress with this, but being patient is not one of my strong suits.

We’re currently in a season of waiting. Which requires patience, and waiting is something I just don’t like to do either. But unfortunately one of the things we do a lot is wait.

Wait for PCS orders.

Wait a long 6, 9, or 12 months for a deployment to be over.

Wait for a TDY to happen-or not happen.

Wait for a house to call our home for the next one, two, or three years.

Wait for phone calls, FaceTime, or messages from Daddy while he’s overseas.

Wait for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or a birthday to see family members.

Wait for my husband to get home after a long day of working and have dinner with us-which sometimes doesn’t happen.

Wait. Wait. Wait.

And then you should hurry up and wait some more because plan a and plan b isn’t happening right away but you’ll sometimes, eventually, go back to plan a.

At this very moment I’m trying to not stress. We are waiting for orders. PCS orders for this summer, maybe. Deployment orders for my husband, maybe. We literally have no clue what is happening besides we know we’re getting orders but have no idea when and to where.

It is SO hard.

Adding kids in the mix is hard. And adding a child into the mix that has about 1628373748 doctors and doctor appointments every single year is exhausting.

Everytime we PCS I have to find new doctors for H. Neurosurgeon, hematologist, speech pathologist, speech therapist, ENT, urologist, and an ophthalmologist. And usually appointments need to get made ASAP.


Add that on top of moving to a new city and state. Getting to know our new surroundings. Decorate and organize a new house.

I’m a little exhausted thinking of it.

But I know this life is so worth it. All the long days and nights. The stress. The worry. Everything.

Seeing how proud my husband is doing his job and serving his country, makes this crazy life worth it all.

So even though it seems like we’re always waiting, the waiting is ok. It’s the hardest and the easiest part all in one.

My fellow military families that are also in a season of waiting-my heart is with you. I understand how you feel. And I pray your season of waiting is easy and goes by fast.

As for my season of waiting, well we will see when it’s over. I feel like it’s never over though. There’s always just a little waiting going on through everything, and I think I need to learn to be ok with this.

Maybe someday, as a seasoned military wife in the future, waiting and patience will become my thing.

For now though, I’m done with this hurry up and wait stuff going on! Can we have orders now, please?

I’ll just be sitting here...and waiting for them.

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