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Rainbow Baby Day

Rainbows bring happiness. Rainbows are always so beautiful to look at. So full of joy, full of wonder, excitement, and eagerness for what comes next. Rainbows are a beautiful sign from Heaven that everything is ok. Rainbows are that special little treat after a terrible storm that restores your hope when you thought it was all lost to begin with. ⠀

Rainbows are so special and so loved. They mean so much to everyone who sees their light. Rainbows are the key to so much happiness that you never thought you would ever have because the storm ravaged for what seemed like forever. ⠀

Today and everyday I thank the good Lord above that I was picked to be this rainbow baby’s mama. Out of all the deserving mama’s in the world, I was picked to be her mama. ⠀

Today and everyday I hug her a little tighter, hold her hand a little longer, and kiss those sweet toddler cheeks just one more time before she goes to sleep. ⠀

Today and everyday I will always be so thankful that rainbow baby’s were given to the mama’s who rode out a beast of a storm and survived it, only to have their rainbow waiting for them at the end of it. ⠀

Rainbow baby’s signify so much but most importantly they tell you that you survived a terrible part of your life. You survived, sweet mama, and your little rainbow is here to stay. ⠀

Rainbows tell you the storm is finally over. ⠀

Rainbows renew your hope. Rainbows renew your joy. Rainbows give you life again.

**picture taken by the lovely Meg Dreyfus and shirts are from Mom Culture**


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