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In the Midst of a Global Pandemic, I Had a Baby

In the midst of a global pandemic, I had a baby. ⠀

My plans changed. ⠀

The way I thought this experience would be changed. ⠀

The hospital where I’ve given birth before changed. ⠀

The atmosphere changed. ⠀

One thing that remained was the immense love I have for this baby boy. ⠀

I know I want to raise him to be a good human. ⠀

I know the things I want him to accomplish in his life. ⠀

I can picture in my head years down the road telling him about how he was born and what happened during this time. ⠀

Having a baby during a global pandemic is unlike any other experience I’ve ever gone through. ⠀

It’s challenging. ⠀

It’s scary. ⠀

It’s full of a lot of unknowns. ⠀

Having the support of a good friend through this made my experience worth it. ⠀

Seeing family and friends through FaceTime made it worth it. ⠀

Having the love and support of my husband from afar made it worth it. ⠀

Was this how it was supposed to go? No. ⠀

But at the end of this experience I walked out of that hospital with a healthy baby, and my head held high knowing I had accomplished something great. ⠀

Having a baby during a global pandemic wasn’t part of the plan, but this baby of mine will have one heck of a story to tell when he’s older, and hopefully how he’s proud of his mom for doing what she did when things were stacked against her. ⠀

I know it seems scary to bring a new life into this world right now, but I can promise when the dust settles from everything, and the babies that were born during this time are old enough to understand what their mom’s went through to make sure they were safe during this time, it will be one of the greatest stories ever told. ⠀

A story of love. ⠀

A story of hardship. ⠀

A story of courage from all mom’s across the globe. ⠀

Having a baby during a global pandemic wasn’t a part of the plan, but I’m happy to be able to say I did this and be strong enough to be his mom.

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