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I’ve Been MIA, But I’m Back Now!

Hi, my name is Codi, the creator/owner of this blog and apparently I’m pretty terrible at posting lately-but that all is going to change!

I know y’all are probably wondering what’s been going on, so I’m here to answer any questions on that front. The biggest thing that’s been happening is I’M DUE WITH BABY NUMBER 3 IN 55 DAYS! I repeat, 55 days.

Everytime I think about having our precious little boy I get all emotional and feel all the feels. This is our last baby and my last pregnancy, so I think everything is hitting me even more hard this time around. Don’t get wrong, I’m so excited to hold him and see what he looks like, and just take in those newborn days that I know I’ll never again relive after him. I’m trying to enjoy this pregnancy, in all it‘s good, bad, and ugly times.

On the blog this week is going to be some of my favorite pregnancy items I’ve been using this whole time (this is NOT sponsored, at all, just a simple mama’s list of my favorite pregnancy items). I think y’all will really enjoy going through the list and seeing my favorites this time around.

For now, enjoy this amazing maternity session photo and go follow me at and/or (do both please!)

I promise to be posting more in the coming days and weeks! Feel free to share any older blog piece or Facebook/Instagram piece!

Thank y’all for supporting Codi Is Her Name! Looking forward to what the future holds for this little blog of mine!

(Image taken by Jenna Reinke Photography)


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