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Hey Tired Mama, I See You

Hey Tired Mama,

I see you.

I am you.

I see the coffee you have in your hand at 3 pm on this Monday afternoon trying to gain some sort of magical energy you haven't been able to find all day.

I see the bags under your eyes that no amount of miracle eye cream can ever erase.

I see the tired expression on your face. The frustration washed over your body as you sway your baby side to side, sing your child's favorite song, dance another dance, or make another snack.

Tired Mama, I get how you feel.

It's utterly exhausting being a new Mama and having to wake up every two hours to feed your brand new baby a bottle, breastfeed them, or pump. It's hard dealing with cluster feedings, formula that a baby's tummy can't handle, or just a grumpy brand new baby who only want's their Mama.

It is utterly exhausting waking up multiple times a night to put a child back to sleep. It's hard when your three year old fights sleep so hard that it makes you question if you should even put them to bed because Lord knows they will be up again in an hour screaming bloody murder.

It is utterly exhausting dealing with a sick child who is throwing up everywhere and you, tired Mama, are the only person to clean that child up, throw the sheets in the wash, and somehow coax them to get the much needed rest they need.

I get it, Mama. I'm walking this journey with you.

You see we've all been there. Each of us Mama's have been in your shoes. Whether you're a brand new Mama or a seasoned Mama with many years of experience, we've all dealt with the never ending tiredness that accompanies motherhood.

This tiredness won't last forever. I want you to remember that this is all a phase-a very tired filled phase, but a phase nonetheless. Sometimes your child hits a sleep regression, sometimes they are sick, sometimes a bad dream wakes them up, and sometimes they just hate sleep for who knows what reason. I've been told before that this phase lasts somewhere around 10 years. Don't quote me on this please, but man 10 years without sleep is a long time for anyone.

I want so badly to be able to sit there with you, give you a hug, and tell you to go rest while I watch your child who won't let you sleep. I pray that you have some sort of support system to help you through the days that roll into nights that crash back into days with no break in between. I know how you feel and I feel this exhaustion with you.

Tired Mama, just know someday you will look back on this and laugh. You will remember these days like they were just yesterday but the tiredness will fade. Your baby won't always be a baby who needs to be fed every two hours at night, your three year old won't be a three year old who wakes up screaming your name because they need you, and you won't have to take care of sick kids at 2 am any longer someday in the future.

I know right now it seems like these days are never ending and that you will be tired forever. You won't be. We won't be. In the midst of all the tiredness just hug your child a little tighter. Cuddle them a little longer if that means you will actually get some rest in the process. Rock your baby to sleep and close those tired eyes for just five more minutes longer. And Mama, give yourself a little grace through this time period; don’t expect so much from yourself.

Mama, you're doing a great job. You're trying so hard to be everything that everyone needs you to be at this exact moment and your child or children are so lucky to have you. Even though you are one tired Mama, you're still doing everything you can do to be the best Mama you can be while struggling to keep your eyes open through it all.

Tired Mama, I see you.

I am you.

Keep going and trudging through. Tired Mama's are superheroes after all.


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