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Being A Military Spouse

Where are you from?

Such a fully loaded question when you’re a military spouse.

You see I was born and raised in Nebraska, met my husband while I was in college and he was already active duty, and we decided that moving around to different states every three years is something we really, really wanted to do together. All jokes aside, we’ve moved states a few times and were projected to PCS again next summer more than likely.

Being a military spouse is hard. It’s full of late nights and early mornings. There’s times you feel like you can’t keep doing this life, but somehow and someway you constantly get pulled back into this crazy life you live and love.

Being a military spouse is full of hello’s and goodbyes. TDY’s and deployments are always lurking. They always are ready and waiting on your doorstep waiting to knock to take your spouse to foreign lands for a good chunk of time.

Being a military spouse is full of sacrifices. You sacrifice yourself. You sacrifice parts of your life. Sometimes, in my case, you even sacrifice a career. I went to school, I have a degree, I have experience in the work field-but we move so much and so often that getting a job pretty much means I have to work from home while I raise our children, if that’s even an option where ever the military decides to send us.

Being military spouse is sometimes full of Key Spouse & FRG duties. Your spouse is in charge so guess what? That means you get special duties and tasks as well.

Being a military spouse means you ultimately will at some point parent your kids alone. Your spouse will leave and everything will fall on your shoulders. The house, the chores, the bill paying, the dog, and the kids. You’ll do a great job during this time too, I can promise you that. Military spouses are more often than not tough as nails and although you will parent by yourself, you’ll trudge through and make it the best 6 months, 9 months, or a year without your spouse the best time ever for your children.

Being a military spouse is full of being proud. Being proud of your spouse and of this great nation that you represent.

Being a military spouse means you have friends in all corners of the world. Friends you can call at the drop of a hat. Friends that will always, always be there for you through it all.

Being a military spouse means you literally are from everywhere. You leave little pieces of your heart and your life everywhere you live and you always will remember who you were at a specific duty station. You’ll remember that all your kids were born somewhere different with different state or country birth certificates. You’ll remember so much and your heart will always be in the places you’ve called “home” for a short time.

To my fellow military spouses on this day-Military Spouse Appreciation Day- y’all are the real MVP’s. You keep going when it seems like you can’t go any further. You keep the hope when it seems like all hope is lost. You make plan abcdefgh...and you hope one of those plans works out in the end. You shed many, many tears-both of happiness and sadness. You are resilient. You literally are from everywhere-around the country and the world. You are strong. You see an opportunity and you take that opportunity. You do hard things-like parent by yourself-every single day. You know what war looks like. You’ve lived in so many places and have so many different addresses you’ve lost count. You know home isn’t a place, it’s where your family is together. You know sacrifice. Today we honor all the military spouses in this great nation. Today we honor you.

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day spouses. You guys rock. I’m lucky to be a part of this small group and I’m even luckier to call some you my best friends. Keep going. Keep getting stronger. Keep showing the world what it means to be a military spouse every day.

**For my military spouses who are going to be heading into a season of long TDY’s and never ending deployments I HIGHLY recommend a Daddy Doll for your children or even yourself- I won’t tell anyone it’s for you, I promise! You can head over to and order your customized Daddy Doll today. If you want to save 15% off your order you can use the code “CODI” to save you some money!**

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