Hello. Welcome to Codi Is Her Name.

This is a personal blog that touches on so much about motherhood & parenting, living the military wife life, dealing with postpartum anxiety and depression, and so much in between.

I created this blog to be a safe space to talk about the hard things-the things that a lot of us do not want to talk about out of fear. I talk about the hard things in life. The constant stressors of being a military wife; dealing with a child with a past of medical problems getting sorted out; an advanced preemie baby; dealing with postpartum depression and anxiety on the regular; being a mom to two angel babies; the typical motherhood things we all go through; the good, the bad, and the ugly of parenting; PCS'ing, TDY's, deployments, and a lot of hurry up and waiting for the Air Force; funny motherhood moments; and so much in between.

I'm glad you're here and are following me along on my journey. Stay tuned for so much more from Codi Is Her Name. I'm looking forward to this and cannot wait to see where this takes me.


Motherhood Blogger

Hi I'm Codi! The creator of Codi Is Her Name. Any questions, comments, collaboration requests, or anything else you would like to talk about can be sent to the email below. I look forward to talking with you

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